Developing an ATEX IIoT gas sensor

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Illustration of the petrochemical & gas industry, where there is a need for ATEX approved IIoT gas and VOC sensor

Since October 2021, VOCSens and Aloxy have been engaged in a joint development project, SensEX, with support from BEL-COO. The primary goal of this project is to create an IIoT gas sensor suitable for ATEX zones, using LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol. 


Our collaboration with Aloxy aims to address the pressing market need for a reliable yet affordable, ATEX-compliant gas sensor for LoRaWAN networks, which also meets the strongest data safety requirements within the chemical, oil and gas industry


The development of such a sensor not only offers the potential for enhanced data insights within an IIoT infrastructure, but also poses significant data security challenges.  

To overcome these challenges, VOCSens and Aloxy have come together to develop an integrated IoT platform that enables the secure storage and management of data directly on the customers’ servers, ensuring utmost data protection. 


As part of this industrial R&D project, a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) has been successfully created.  

The solution presents several key advantages: 

  • Ability to measure a wide variety of gases, including H2S, CH4, BTEX… 
  • Ultra-low power consumption and miniaturization, ensuring optimal integration in various industrial settings 
  • Provision of highly valuable, discriminated and reliable gas data for efficient decision-making 
  • Integration of the multi-gas microsensor into a closed network management system, which effectively addresses the crucial need for securing data flows. 

Various multinationals have expressed interest and have committed to test and provide feedback during the development stage. 

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