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Discover CMOSEnvi™, the multi-gas measurement semiconductor technology that disrupts gas sensing

VOCSens revolutionizes gas detection and measurement operations using its patented technology, CMOSEnvi™, based on sensitive nanomaterials integrated on a semiconductor chip.

This is CMOSEnvi™

CMOSEnvi™ is our augmented, patented multi-gas sensing technology (PCT/EP2020/076048) that makes the invisible molecules surrounding us, visible.

What sets CMOSEnvi™ apart from traditional solutions is its utilization of a chemiresistive working principle on a multi-pixel, easy-to-integrate transducer array. Through innovative techniques like electrochemical deposition (electropolymerization), inkjet printing and spray coating, this unique approach enables superior multi-gas sensing capabilities over time and distinguishes VOCSens products from most well-known gas sensing technologies (chemiresistive MOx, electrochemical, NDIR and PID sensors).

011 101 1000

1101 001 1001

011 101 

 001 1101

NH₃ = 10 ppm




NO₂ = 1 ppm




CO₂ = 800 ppm




Multi-gas measurement on a single chip

With up to 16 pixels (soon to be expanded to 64), CMOSEnvi™ sets a new norm in multi-gas measurement selectivity and accuracy. Each pixel gives a selective measurement of the target gas, which is more precise than the general index value.

Towards new efficiency standards

CMOSEnvi™ technology characteristics enable large-scale production at extremely low costs.

Co-integrated with a sensor interface (ASIC), CMOSEnvi™-based products ensure its end users optimal ultra-low power performance.

Baseline and span calibrations

CMOSEnvi™ deploys its full potential when combined with our self-calibration AI-based algorithms that provide you with valuable insights about your gas data, eliminating the need for manual calibration and reducing maintenance costs.

< 800 ppm

Transforming raw data into actionable insights

The Knowledge Pyramid is a key concept to illustrate the transition from data measured to wisdom through its transformation in five stages.

VOCSens technology excels in assisting you most effectively at the foundational stages of the pyramid:

  • Measurement: VOCSens products use sensitive materials to detect specific gases and produce electrical signals.
  • Data: These signals are digitalized and converted into raw concentration values.
  • Information: VOCSens solutions allow for sensor self-calibration, making data meaningful and considering possible measurement interferences.
  • Knowledge: Thanks to their experience and to VOCSens actionable insights, customers can make data-driven decisions in response to a specific situation.
  • Wisdom: Based on accumulated knowledge, the system is able to respond adequately to any possible situation with the highest efficiency.

Meet EnviCam®-3x

Our EnviCam®-3x product line embeds CMOSEnvi™ technology. It empowers a wide range of industries to accurately measure and control multiple gases and VOCs at the same time. Experience the future of gas monitoring!


Agri-Food & Recycling


Chemical and Oil & Gas


Smart Building

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