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VOCSens builds self-calibrating, ultra-low-power and selective multi-gas microsensors easy to integrate in your electronics.

Our mission

Making the invisible visible to contribute to the health & safety of people & ecosystems

Our vision

Helping the world become more sustainable

A unique, revolutionary technology

Our products are based on the patented CMOSEnvi™ technology, which uses sensitive nanomaterials integrated on a semiconductor chip to offer multi-gas selectivity, long operating lifetime and seamless integration.


Our flagship product line

EnviCam®-3x is our cutting-edge product line of multi-gas microsensors, designed to enable precise measurement and control of multiple gases and VOCs across various industries.

With EnviCam®-3x, businesses can better meet regulatory compliance requirements while fostering a healthier and safer environment.


Agri-Food & Recycling


Chemical and Oil & Gas


Smart Building

Gain in-depth understanding of your gas concentration data

Use EnviSoft to convert raw multi-gas concentration data into high-value business insights, enabling you to make informed decisions. Whether used as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrated with VOCSens products, our software maximizes the value derived from your data.

They integrate VOCSens products

John Doe


“We were in search of a reliable solution to assist our agricultural clients in monitoring ammonia levels and providing timely alerts when necessary. We faced various technical hurdles during the process. EnviCam-30-AFR proved to be the perfect answer, as its cutting-edge technology not only delivers exceptional efficiency but also seamlessly integrates into existing systems. Thanks to EnviCam-30-AFR, we are able to meet the market demand effectively.”


SENSOR + TEST is one of the leading global fairs for sensing and measuring technolgy


3 June 2024
VOCSens will be present at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg. Make sure to visit our booth!
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VOCSens at Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg

8 April 2024
Gas sensing challenges: Why is gas sensing so hard?

Why is gas sensing so hard?

5 March 2024

About us

VOCSens is made up of 15+ passionate employees determined to revolutionize gas & environmental sensing industry. We benefit from over 20 years of research from the UCLouvain laboratories (ELEN department, ICTEAM) and other multiple collaborations. Established in February 2019, the company is based at Axis Parc, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, close to Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park.

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