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Get real-time leakage monitoring of your plant with a single, multi-gas microchip

Introducing EnviCam®-3x-COG, a revolutionary multi-gas microsensor that enables petrochemical plants to ensure the safety and health of their employees and to comply with environmental standards. In combination with our self-calibration algorithms, they are also reducing their maintenance costs.
EnviCam-30 microsensor


The petrochemical industry is in demand for solutions to precisely measure ambient gases, aiming to minimize environmental impact and ensure effective leakage control.

At the same time, the industry seeks solutions that seamlessly integrate with their current systems, while also contributing in optimizing operational costs.

How EnviCam-3x COG helps improve gas monitoring processes

High selectivity

with respect to the chemical compounds of interest (ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide...)

Ease of integration

Small size, small amounts of external components (low BoM cost), algorithms internal or external to the device




Long operating lifetime
  • Ultra-low-power consumption
    < 10 µW @ 1 measurement per second (per sensing element)
  • High autonomy > 5 years with self-calibration algorithms

Meet EnviCam-3x-COG

Integrate EnviCam®-30-COG, the first version of our multi-gas micro-sensor that offers self-calibration, ease of integration and highly selective properties.

  • Transducer array, multi-pixel (up to 16 pixels), chemiresistive working principle
  • Patented CMOSEnvi™ technology towards multiple sensing materials integration on a semiconductor chip (polymer and nanocomposites), operating at room temperature
  • Co-integration with ultra-low-power sensor interface (ASIC)
  • Self-calibration AI-based algorithms for maintenance-less applications

Main features

  • Multi-pixel, multi-gas measurement on a single chip
  • High selectivity
  • Small form factor (10 x 5 x 0.9 mm³)
  • Ultra-low power ( < 50 µW @ 1 Hz)
  • Current OFF: < 0.8 µA

Product availability


  • v1 (Q2 2024): NH3-CO-NO2​
  • v2 (Q4 2024): NH3-CO-NO2-CH4
  • v3 (Q1 2026): NH3-CO-NO2-CH4-BTEX


Contact us to evaluate our technology.

Gas range

  • Ammonia (NH3) – 0.2 – 2,000 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) – 2 – 2,000 ppm
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) – 0.01 – 50 ppm
  • Methane (CH₄) – 50 – 50,000 ppm
  • BTEX – 0.25 – 200 ppm

Unlock your gas data full potential with EnviSoft

CMOSEnvi™ deploys its full potential when combined with EnviCam-3x-COG, our self-calibration AI-based algorithms, that provide you with valuable insights about your gas data, eliminating the need for manual calibration and reducing maintenance costs.

They integrate

John Doe


“VOCSens provides our petrochemical clients with valuable business insights, enabling prompt action on gas detection matters concerning environmental concerns, safety at work, and process optimization. Furthermore, the seamless integration of EnviCam-30 into our systems enhances the overall experience.”

Help your customers tackle their gas sensing challenges

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