About us

Benefit from over 20 years of research from the UCLouvain laboratories (ELEN department, ICTEAM) and multiple collaborations, VOCSens is developing a new concept of environmental camera, EnviCam®, allowing to see the invisible, these chemical and biochemical molecules surrounding us. The company has developed a manufacturing process, CMOSEnvi™, fully compatible with the CMOS technology found in the electronic chips of our daily lives. Established in February 2019, it is based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, at the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEI Louvain).

VOCSens history

VOCSens is a spin-off from the SMALL research group, within the ELEN department, ICTEAM Institute, Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), under the guidance of Prof. Laurent Francis, Prof. Denis Flandre & Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin, with the support of the IMCN, including Prof. Sophie Hermans & Prof. Benoit Hackens. UCLouvain is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and home to worldly recognized laboratories. It relies on a strong expertise based on more than 20 years research on CMOS-compatible environmental sensors development and characterization, including gas, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, as well as the CMOS design of read-out interfaces.

Strategic milestones

First SOI-CMOS gas microsensor development at UCLouvain
MEMS ionization microsensor study at UCLouvain
FEDER MINATIS project – Pd-based MEMS hydrogen gas sensor at UCLouvain
FIRST Spin-off SENSEVOC project, FEDER MICRO+ project – Polymer-based gas sensor at UCLouvain
Graphene-based gas sensor at UCLouvain, in collaboration with UMONS and Materia Nova
VOCSens SRL company creation as UCLouvain spin-off
Environmental multi-sensor module CE marking
€ 2.5M seed fundraising
EnviCam-30 multi-pixel gas microsensor commercialization

Our company

VOCSens at a glance

Our mission

Ensuring the safety & health of people & ecosystems.

Our vision

Delivering sustainable sensing solutions supplying actionable data, optimizing environmental monitoring and process efficiency.

Our values

Responsibility, passion, creativity, commitment & relationship.

Discover our team

Thomas Walewyns

Co-Founder & CEO
+32 10 88 03 68

Yann Danlée

Co-Founder & CTO
+32 10 88 03 67

Bram Senave

Business Development & Sales Manager
+32 10 88 97 21

Charlotte Leonetti

Office Manager

Guillaume Pollissard

ASIC design manager

Salvatore Di Stefano

Field Application Engineer

Sylvain Pétré

Analog/Mixed-signal Designer

Fernando Massa

Nanophysics Expert

Oriane De Leuze

R&D Sensor Engineer

Andia Fathi

Software Engineer

Luca Gonzalez

Analog/Mixed-signal Designer

Antoine Enel

Materials & Process Engineer

Nicolas Julémont

Sensor Data Analyst

Funding partners & Investors

We are delighted to be supported by trusted financial partners and convinced investors, both public and private, with a high strategic impact thanks to technological and market oriented mindset.