About us

Benefit from over 20 years of research from the UCLouvain laboratories (ELEN department, ICTEAM) and multiple collaborations, VOCSens is developing a new concept of environmental camera, EnviCam®, allowing to see the invisible, these chemical and biochemical molecules surrounding us. The company has developed a manufacturing process, CMOSEnvi™, fully compatible with the CMOS technology found in the electronic chips of our daily lives. Established in February 2019, it is based at Axis Parc, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, close to Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park.

VOCSens history

VOCSens is a spin-off from the SMALL research group, within the ELEN department, ICTEAM Institute, Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), under the guidance of Prof. Laurent Francis, Prof. Denis Flandre & Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin, with the support of the IMCN, including Prof. Sophie Hermans & Prof. Benoit Hackens. UCLouvain is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and home to worldly recognized laboratories. It relies on a strong expertise based on more than 20 years research on CMOS-compatible environmental sensors development and characterization, including gas, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, as well as the CMOS design of read-out interfaces.

Strategic milestones

First SOI-CMOS gas microsensor development at UCLouvain
MEMS ionization microsensor study at UCLouvain
FEDER MINATIS project – Pd-based MEMS hydrogen gas sensor at UCLouvain
FIRST Spin-off SENSEVOC project, FEDER MICRO+ project – Polymer-based gas sensor at UCLouvain
Graphene-based gas sensor at UCLouvain, in collaboration with UMONS and Materia Nova
VOCSens SRL company creation as UCLouvain spin-off
Environmental multi-sensor module CE marking
€ 2.5M seed fundraising
EnviCam-30 multi-pixel gas microsensor commercialization

Our company

VOCSens at a glance

Our mission

Making the invisible visible to contribute to the health & safety of people & ecosystems

Our vision

Helping the world become more sustainable

Our values

Responsibility, Conviviality, Passion

Our mission

Making the invisible visible to contribute to the health & safety of people & ecosystems

Our vision

Helping the world become more sustainable

Our values


We care about society, customers and team members by taking a responsible approach as a trustworthy partner for all stakeholders.


We aim that each person feels happy and included at VOCSens, collaborating with the others by sharing their expertise and knowledge, by listening to the other inputs.


We together are committed to achieve the highest goals, bringing ambitions and pushing out the limits by crafting disrupting products & solutions.

Discover our team

Filip Frederix

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Walewyns

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
+32 10 88 03 68

Yann Danlée

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
+32 10 88 03 67

Bram Senave

Business Development & Sales Manager
+32 10 88 97 21

Charlotte Leonetti

Office Manager

Guillaume Pollissard

ASIC design manager

Salvatore Di Stefano

Field Application Engineer

Sylvain Pétré

Analog/Mixed-signal Designer

Fernando Massa

Nanophysics Expert

Oriane De Leuze

R&D Sensor Engineer

Luca Gonzalez van Nes

Field Application Engineer

Antoine Enel

Materials & Process Engineer

Nicolas Julémont

Sensor Data Analyst

Shirin Afyouni

Sensor Process Engineer

Clément Cardon

Marketing Consultant

Gaël Hamoir

Senior Sensor Engineer

Khôi Nguyên

IC Designer Engineer

Sammy Fostier

Technical Support

Roselien Vercauteren

Product Engineer

Florentin Delcourt

Software Engineer

Funding partners & Investors

We are delighted to be supported by trusted financial partners and convinced investors, both public and private, with a high strategic impact thanks to technological and market oriented mindset.

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