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Multi-sensor environmental module

Our plug-and-play module gathers well-known gas sensing technologies and environmental sensors together with our own developments within a unique smart communicating system based on LPWAN and Bluetooth technologies, for both indoor and outdoor monitoring.

A broad range of gases can be measured depending your application and market segment, including:

  • nitrogen oxides (NOx),
  • ozone (O₃),
  • carbon monoxide (CO),
  • carbon dioxide (CO₂)
  • formaldéhyde (HCHO) & TVOC,
  • ethylene oxide (EtO),
  • methane (CH4) & alkanes,
  • BTEX,
  • hydrogen sulfide (H₂S),
  • sulfur dioxide (SO₂),
  • methanetiol (CH3SH),
  • ammonia (NH3),
  • ethanol (C2H5OH),


among others, as well as particulates (PM0.1/PM 2,5/PM1.0/PM10).

Custom service

Our engineering team will help you design your gas & environmental sensing solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications, implementing the most advanced technologies associated to VOCSens products, IP and know-how.

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