Our multi-gas microsensor products

EnviCam® series

Our flagship product line EnviCam-3x is microelectronic gas sensors for IoT & Industry 4.0 solutions.

These microchips are based on our patented CMOSEnvi™ technology, integrating several nanotech-based sensing materials within a CMOS-compatible process. The current products are integrated into a SiP package measuring 10 x 5 x 0.9 mm³, with power consumption below 50 µW continuously (up to 1 measurement per second).

VOCSens on 'Merci d'y avoir pensé !' TV show (Agoria / RTBF)


The petrochemical industry is in demand for solutions to precisely measure ambient gases, aiming to minimize environmental impact and ensure effective leakage control.

At the same time, the industry seeks solutions that seamlessly integrate with their current systems, while also contributing in optimizing operational costs.

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VOCSens products are pioneering in terms of autonomy, accuracy, versatility and portability, while ensuring continuous measurements in an active way, helping companies and institutions to unveil their environmental parameters, strenghten safety and health.

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