Sensor Engineer

Axis Park, Mont-Saint-Guibert

Description of the job

In order to consolidate our technical team, we are looking for a talented material/electronics engineer to develop novel sensitive materials, integrate them with IC microelectronics and follow their characterisation, leading to a reliable high performance microsensors.

  • You will participate to the design and fabrication of gas microsensors
  • You will participate to the R&D of novel sensitive materials. You will implement them on dedicated semiconductor or exotic substrates via standard and custom (patented) methods in cleanroom.
  • You will follow up the characterisation of the gas sensors (impedance characterisation, characterisation under gas, noise analysis, SEM, etc.) in the technological platform.
  • You will be part of the technical advancement of the microsensors.
  • You will enhance the actual methods of integration and develop news techniques when required.
  • You will have a strong knowledge of the state of the art and participate to commercial or technological exhibition and conferences.


  • You have a degree in material science or electronics engineering with experience.
  • Skills in the field of micro-fabrication (sensors, MEMS, micro-design, etc.) is recommended.
  • Experience in the field of gas or environmental sensing is required.
  • Knowledge of the practice in cleanroom environment and/or chemistry lab is mandatory. 
  • The management of the standard method of micro-/nano-fabrication and electrochemistry an asset.
  • You are creative and have an innovative mindset.
  • You can learn quickly and able to tackle trouble in an autonomous way.
  • You are fluent in English. Our business language is English. Basis in French and/or Dutch is a plus.

Our offer

Working in a dynamic start-up offers the positive force of a motivated team, continuous challenge, and the possibility of adapting the tasks according to the professional ambitions. The candidate will strongly collaborate towards high-performance and innovative outputs. The technological infrastructure is part of the daily ecosystem accessible in the frame of R&D, associated to deep collaboration with worldly-recognized universities and research centres. Beyond, the team is committed to successfully drive sustainable developments through a creative mindset.

Our partnership is worldwide which allows an international vision, and intra- and extra-European travels.

Competitive compensation including attractive benefits as well as excellent career opportunities in a growing company. Salary package includes: fix income + bonus + car (beyond 1 year) + ESOP.

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